Nude beaches in Brazil

Galhetas Beach - Brazil Photo: Christian Knepper

Brazil has more than 2000 beaches.

Some are nude beaches.

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Paraty - historical city with beautiful beaches

Built between the sea and the mountains, Paraty is one of the most fantastic destinations of the Brazilian coast.

Founded in the sixteenth century, the city preserves until today a remarkable architectonical set, built by the sea and hobbled by IPHAN (Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage National), with narrow streets, cobbled old, made of stones and irregular beautiful colonial houses.

Natal - the corner of America

The location of Natal already have yielded some color full of admiration and enthusiasm.

The city, which is nearest the coast of Africa that of São Paulo, is very developed during World War II, when served as a base for the allied troops, as defined by the Department of War of the United States as "one of the four points the world's most strategic, "along with Suez, Gibraltar and Bosporus.

Crucial, both for the defense of the South Atlantic, as for resumption of North Africa, the end of the Great War, the corner of the continent won the nickname of the Trampoline Win.

But it is with a nickname and more peaceful Natal that better identifies itself, and it was also by the work and grace of its special geographical position that the capital of Rio Grande do Norte received the title of the Sun City.

A name quite fair for a city that receives more than two million tourists and 300 days of sunshine per year. In the southern coast, 14 km from the center of Natal, is a beautiful beach of Ponta Negra, with a small bay of white sand, where the Morro do Careca, of 120 meters high, is one of the best known of the postcards city.

It is from Ponta Negra that begins to call Way of the Sun, with beaches and much more quietly beautiful as those of North Pirangi and South Pirangi, Parnamirim, Buzios and Barra de Tabatinga.

In North Pirangi, in addition to natural pools that, at low tide, are formed in less than 1 km from the coast, tourists will know the biggest tree in the world, a rare natural phenomenon, in which a single tree, more than a hundred years of age, occupies an area of 8,500 m².

In the opposite direction, toward the north, is the Parque das Dunas, another work of nature. Considered Environmental Heritage of Humanity, the Parque das Dunas involves the center of the city, along the Coastal Route, an area of approximately 1,172 hectares.

It is the second largest Urban Forest Park in Brazil, outpaced only by the forest of Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. Built on sand dunes between the Rio arid and Atlantic coast, in the midst of lagoons and lush vegetation native, is not at random that Natal, in 1994, received from NASA (the North American Space Agency) another title: the More Clean Air of the Americas.

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